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  1. my company at bdr baru sg buloh. can i register new phone line at TM POINT Kota Damansara???? please reply me as soon as ,becoz is urgent.if ok i will go tomorrow……TQ!!!!

  2. I want to terminate my streamyx line. May i know what should i bring to? old phone have to return back????! but no more warranty and im using unifi….please advise. URGENT!

  3. Dear Sir ,
    Is there any way that I can combine my Unifi bill into my telekom bill ? Which is under the same company name .
    I was informed by your personnel at Kota damansara when I registered for my unifi that there will be only one bill for all the telephone line and unifi .
    But I been receiving 2 bills.
    account 1023656968, D91507-054-0308

    Please reply . Urgent.

  4. I would like to ask , My company closed . Then I need to transfer my company line to cheras. Can or not? Pls reply.

  5. I went to TM Point last 23/5/2017 to upgrade my streamyx. I was promised that the upgrade will take effect latest in 3 days time but until today 31/5/2017 nothing has been done. I called TM Point today and the person I spoke to confirmed that the upgrade is still not done. Please upgrade NOW. Don’t spoil TM Point ‘s reputation by providing a very slow service like the counter.
    My streamyx no: 03-78469422
    registered under: Mohd Azmi bin Ismail
    contact hp no: 0196629325

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