3 thoughts on “Klinik Wong Singh Kota Damansara”

  1. I went there and did my medical checkup for visa application. After I get my report I went to my education agent and what they tell me is my report cannot be used because I have to go for panel. What I’m so unhappy is I actually went to the clinic before my checkup and asked them whether they can do all these things for me. And what they said is can can yes we can do it for u. However now I need to redo my report again. Perhaps it’s my fault but I’m so disappointed to the clinic. They should have told me that they’re not qualified for this but they still want to do it.

    1. When u ask at a clinic whether or not they can do health check-ups, HONESTLY they are sure to tell you they can do. There is no reason to say they aren’t qualified, as Registered Medical Practitioner (legal name for practicing drs) they are legally to qualified to give an health report (pre-emplyoment, insurance, etc) for anyone seeking for it. It is just that these profit seeking mentality of having everything under “panels” and monopolizing healthcare is becoming rampant. Maybe your agent is getting a cut out of it too. Did you ask your agent to sponsor you for the second checkup you did?.. (Hope you did, if you didn’t you should have because it’s his/her fault for not being clear on where you should go in the first place)

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