Lucky Sichuan Restaurant Kota Damansara

Lucky Sichuan

Address: 19, Jalan PJU 5/12, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara

Contact No: 03-6140 7755

Fax No: 03-6140 6655

Products & Services: Steamboat, Soup, Spare Ribs, Stewed sirloin, Special griddle cooked, Szechuan cuisine

One thought on “Lucky Sichuan Restaurant Kota Damansara

  1. zee louis

    Dear Manager,
    i would like to complain about the attitude of your staff this morning. here’s the chronology of event:-
    1. i was waiting in the car by on the left side of the road in case anybody come out from parking.
    2. a white honda came and park at the back of parked car in front of your shop.
    3. i saw people walking to the parked car behind the honda.
    4. i put on my signal to the right getting ready to park.
    5. after i parked i walked to kayu for breakfast.
    6. i came back after breakfast and saw the white honda blocking my car, so i honked.
    7. a chinese lady came out from you restaurant and start screaming at me saying she wants to teach me some manners.
    8. i just ignore as i think no point arguing with young girls.
    9. she went to her car wanting to reverse but taking a long time to do so.
    10. 2 girls came out from the restaurant and scream at me too
    11. after moving the honda, the driver/girl honked the car for a long time, still screaming at me and give me her middle finger.

    now, you tell me. who needs to be told on manners now? this kind of attitude can spoil the reputation of your restaurant. as far as i know i did not take her parking as i turn on my signal the moment i saw people going to their car about to go out. the problem is that she (the honda) did not see my signal and claim that i took her parking. i have a hypertension problem and i get very nervous when people shout at me. luckily i did not faint or collapsed.
    i suggest you advice your staff to be more polite to people especially older people. dont act like gangster. she dont know who she might be screaming to. FYI i owned the most respected law firm in Malaysia and i can do wonders if i want to as your staff has caused me depression.


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